Gray hair camouflage (head)

If you want a curved haircut for 300 rubles – blow into the basement near the house. If you want to put in order not only a hair, but also a beard – if you please, a barbershop.

In the capital, barbershops are still gaining popularity. The concept of a place exclusively for a man, “to have a normal haircut,” attracts a variety of people, for example:

Fashionable dudes or hipsters who painstakingly create their own “bow”. In the barbershop, you can not only get your signature beard and hairstyle, but also buy accessories, glasses and sometimes clothes. As a rule, everything is mega-stylish.

Ordinary men – someone for the sake of curiosity, someone – because here they not only cut, but also shave; office workers, sellers and drivers. Just cut and shave, no styling.

Other guys who wanted to change their appearance, but they did not trust the local hairdresser and local “universal wizards.”

And rightly so, because the barbershop is a higher level establishment.

Why go there at all?

The main argument is that in barbershops, they really cut hair well. The selection of masters is more rigorous than in hairdressing salons, and besides, barbershop owners are constantly working on pumping skill of their employees, forcing them to attend all sorts of master classes and advanced training courses.

Only barbershops can be ordered with a razor. Mastery of such a machine is honed on balloons: in order to learn the correct movements and pressure, there are special courses where students naturally “shave” inflated balloons.

The main task is to prevent the ball from bursting during shaving. If this is not art, then what?

You can trust the barber master!

You can simply show an approximate photo with the desired hairstyle or explain in words what you want on your head. Most hairdressers know only the terms “half-box” and “tennis”: do not explain, there are only two haircut options.

One could argue that barbers also do the same hairstyles. But this is only because such hairstyles are asked mainly. We are still quite constrained in terms of our appearance, trying to look like everyone else. Try to fantasize with a haircut – the barber will do everything as it should.